iOS 15 Crash with iNethack2

There is an issue caused by iOS 15 which is causing iNethack2 to crash when using the direction picker (such as when throwing something or zapping a wand, etc).

Working on a fix now. Already have it fixed, in fact, and fixed a couple of other minor things I noticed too. Should have it submitted to the app store soon. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks to those who reported this to me.

Nethack for iOS

In 1990 or so, my friend and fellow Future Shock Software guy Steve bought a floppy disk in a computer software store for something like $10. On it were 3 games: some space game, a pretty decent Ultima 2 clone called Ranadinn, and a little game called "Hack". 

Hack was an offshoot of Rogue, which you may know from the term "Roguelike" which is applied to basically any game released nowadays, accurate or not.

Steve and I initially scoffed at Hack and its primitive ASCII graphics. But after a few hours of gameplay, we were hooked.

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