Genre: Action/Puzzle | Platform: iPhone / iPad

Ever wonder what it would be like to float helplessly through space in an escape pod? Obviously you have, and now you can find out!

It is the year 2129, and your spaceship was destroyed while passing through an unstable wormhole. You and some of your crewmates managed to escape in your escape pods. Unfortunately, the escape pods have no thrusters, so you are adrift!

Don't worry: your pod contains an experimental "gravity well" generator that you can use to alter your course through strategically timed orbits. At least, it used to have one? Better find it fast.

Drift your way past deadly black holes, comets, asteroids and more! Enter wormholes that take you to the next destination, getting you closer to Earth (hopefully). This combination arcade/puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours.


  • Over 100 challenging levels
  • Orbit planets, suns, black holes and gravity wells as you make your way through each level
  • Control the paths of comets to destroy things in your way, which is way funner than having an onboard laser cannon
  • Ongoing story: where did these wormholes come from? Did anyone else survive? Can I closely orbit a sun and not die?
  • Things explode a lot
  • Full original soundtrack to set the mood
  • Game Center support with Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Like the music? Buy the soundtrack! Featuring 15 tracks at over 30 minutes, the soundtrack features full length versions of the music from the game, all composed by Akolade.

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