iNethack2: Changing Tilesets

So far the most common FAQ about iNethack2 is: how do I change the tileset?

Here's how:

  • Exit iNethack2
  • Go to the Settings app on your Apple device
  • Scroll down through the list of your apps and pick iNethack2
  • You can change the tileset here, as well as your player's name, Hearse settings, and many other things

There you go! Enjoy the different tilesets. Abigaba Chozo B (the default) has always been my favorite, but I've been playing with DawnHack a lot lately and it really gives the game a different feel. When I want to relive the days of playing Nethack in High School computer class in Windows, I'll switch to Tiles32.

Or if I want to relive playing the original game on my PC in Junior High, ASCII it is.