iNethack2 Now On Nethack 3.6.6


Almost exactly 8 years ago (?!) I said I was looking into the Nethack 3.6 update for iNethack2, and it’s finally here! Sorry it took so long.
First of all, huge thanks to Joe Doucette for doing the initial update from the 3.4.3 version to 3.6.0. When I saw that it was working, it gave me the drive to actually work on iNethack2 again.

This new release is up to date with the official release of Nethack 3.6.6.
In addition to the changes that Nethack 3.6.6 introduces (which I won’t detail here), there are several other updates:


  • New tilesets: Nethack Modern, Pixelhack.
  • Updated other tilesets with the new 3.6 tiles (mostly statues).
  • Removed Nextstep tileset.
  • Improved behaviour for game saving: The app will no longer “quit & save” every time you move it into the background. Instead it makes use of the Nethack “checkpointing” system to create a save every time the app loses focus. If you close the app entirely, it will create a regular save. This means you can now fairly safely exit the app when in the middle of a menu. For example: you are granted a wish and want to know what to wish for.. You can leave the app (don’t close it entirely!), go to the Nethack wiki, and come back and wish for a “cursed rusty -3 dagger” or whatever you please. Because of this change, remember to completely closed iNethack2 if you are changing any of the settings in the settings page for them to take effect.
  • Double Tap can be disabled by sliding the Double Tap Sensitivity to zero (far left). Before it acted the same as if you set it to maximum sensitivity.
  • Tweaked some colors for certain menus such as the #Enhance menu so its more readable.
  • If you had predictive-text enabled on your phone, it will no longer show suggested words in the keyboard, which was almost never useful for Nethack.
  • New app icon. The @ is blue now. Why not?


  • Throwing and other actions were missing the prompt at the top of the inventory screen (because the text was black on black..), this is fixed
  • If you tried to throw without having any weapons in your inventory, you weren’t given the “* More” option, meaning you couldn’t throw food at your pet. This is fixed! This affected other types of actions as well.

Note: Saved games from the previous version (based on Nethack 3.4.3) will NOT work with this version. Sorry! If you have a good game going you may want to hurry up and die/ascend before upgrading.

Nethack 3.7
What about 3.7 you say? Well the plan is that once the 3.7 is no longer in beta, then I will update iNethack2 to have the 3.7 core code. Hopefully going forward this isn’t too difficult to maintain.

I have some plans to the iNethack2 code other than core updates as well.
Wishlist includes:

  • Keyboard support
  • IBMGraphics mode (those nice smooth extended-ascii walls from my youth)
  • Other things to make the UI nicer..

Please enjoy and let me know if you find any terrible bugs or anything like that. Thanks!