iNethack2 Approved

iNethack2 has been approved for the App Store, and it should be available soon! 

There was a minor delay when Apple rejected it because it was too similar to "another popular app in the app store", which I assume mean the original iNethack (which isn't actually in the App store). I suppose I can see their reasoning.. after all I could have submitted "Angry Birds 12" if I wanted to. But I explained the history of iNethack and that seemed to sort things out. Cool! I thought I was going to have to rename it "Netha: CK" for a second there.

Here is a list of major changes from the original iNethack:

  • 2 more tilesets added: DawnHack (as seen in screenshot), a fairly new tileset that gives the game a cool 8-bit console feel, and NeXTSTEP, a 10x10 pixel tileset based on the NeXTSTEP port. Obscure!
  • iPad support: the app is Universal, so no more ugly upscaling!
  • New icon. Well, sort of has a "@" now.
  • Map rendering changes: things should draw better than before
  • Shortcut buttons no longer pixelated
  • Added a "log" button as an option for the shortcut buttons for faster log access when a floating eye freezes you and you miss all the messages
  • Various minor bugfixes!

Will post again once it's available to download and delight everyone! And counfound newcomers, who will hopefully stick with it and slowly learn the majesty that is Nethack.