iNethack2 2.1.2 (with NetHack 3.6.7)

Just released an update to iNethack2. Actually, this is the second update since my last post. So here is what was released over the last 2 versions:

  • IBMGraphics Mode! Select it from the tilesets in the settings. Using a IBM font for that authentic look. Rogue level looks crazy now.
  • Tiles32 Classic tileset added. This tileset looks like the old common tileset that was in NetHack 3.4.3. Less 8-bit looking. Pick it from the settings page like normal.
  • Fixed a bad bug that could mess up your stats. Thanks to the few anonymous people who posted in the feedback form about this one. Basically NetHack wasn't being informed it was loading a saved game and thus it was doing things it should only be doing when a brand new game was started. This was caused during the 3.6 update. Fixed now!!
  • "Seduce" mode is back in. I guess it wasn't in the compile options during the 3.6 update. Incubus and Succubus will be problematic again.
  • Link to the guidebook is now up-to-date. Thanks Keni for noticing!

Please check it out in the app store.

(Also someone had mentioned in a feedback message that "eating giant corpses doesn't increase strength". This is actually a core NetHack change; it's now not always guaranteed to increase strength. )