iNethack2 2.0.5: Hearse, Pickup Thrown, Bugfix

It's been awhile but iNethack2 is still alive and well and now it has a few fixes and a minor new feature.

First, Hearse stopped working awhile back with a change to iOS related to accessing external sites without HTTPS. So you might have noticed that bones files were no longer downloading. This is fixed now.

Next was a bug where the onscreen keyboard sometimes wouldn't dismiss when a dialog window opened. This is fixed too. Nobody seemed to notice this one somehow.. maybe it was just me?

Lastly I have integrated the "pickup_thrown" patch, available in the settings screen as Autopickup Thrown (as seen the the screenshot). Use it in tandem with Autopickup, and you will automatically pickup anything you throw! Makes it a bit less annoying to use missile weapons.

Lastly lastly, no 3.6.0 yet. I'm not sure how much work that will take without diving into it. 

Thanks to everyone who found these issues and offered suggestions!