iNethack2 2.0.2: ASCII, Boulders, Bugfix

A new update for iNethack2 is now available in the App Store.

There was a bug introduced by iOS9 which made it so you couldn't scroll the log window (unless you changed the screen orientation). That has been fixed.

While I was in the code, I went and added a couple things for you hardcore ASCII players. 

There is a new setting in the settings screen to set the boulder symbol. This was an option in regular Nethack from the config settings, so I've basically added it to the app settings screen. No more annoying ` symbols on Sokoban! Go ahead and make it a 0 (zero) and lessen the strain on your eyes.

Speaking of strain on your eyes, I also went and added "ASCII (monochrome)" which is the ASCII "tileset" in all grey, just like the old days. Enjoy if you dare.

The last thing I did was add some text to the Manual screen that explains how to change common settings (like Boulders) since most people don't think to look in the Settings app. Probably no one ever reads the Manual page either, but there you go.