iNethack2 2.1.2 (with NetHack 3.6.7)

Just released an update to iNethack2. Actually, this is the second update since my last post. So here is what was released over the last 2 versions:

  • IBMGraphics Mode! Select it from the tilesets in the settings. Using a IBM font for that authentic look. Rogue level looks crazy now.
  • Tiles32 Classic tileset added. This tileset looks like the old common tileset that was in NetHack 3.4.3. Less 8-bit looking. Pick it from the settings page like normal.
  • Fixed a bad bug that could mess up your stats. Thanks to the few anonymous people who posted in the feedback form about this one. Basically NetHack wasn't being informed it was loading a saved game and thus it was doing things it should only be doing when a brand new game was started. This was caused during the 3.6 update. Fixed now!!
  • "Seduce" mode is back in. I guess it wasn't in the compile options during the 3.6 update. Incubus and Succubus will be problematic again.
  • Link to the guidebook is now up-to-date. Thanks Keni for noticing!

Please check it out in the app store.

(Also someone had mentioned in a feedback message that "eating giant corpses doesn't increase strength". This is actually a core NetHack change; it's now not always guaranteed to increase strength. )

iNethack2 Now On Nethack 3.6.6


Almost exactly 8 years ago (?!) I said I was looking into the Nethack 3.6 update for iNethack2, and it’s finally here! Sorry it took so long.
First of all, huge thanks to Joe Doucette for doing the initial update from the 3.4.3 version to 3.6.0. When I saw that it was working, it gave me the drive to actually work on iNethack2 again.

This new release is up to date with the official release of Nethack 3.6.6.
In addition to the changes that Nethack 3.6.6 introduces (which I won’t detail here), there are several other updates:


  • New tilesets: Nethack Modern, Pixelhack.
  • Updated other tilesets with the new 3.6 tiles (mostly statues).
  • Removed Nextstep tileset.
  • Improved behaviour for game saving: The app will no longer “quit & save” every time you move it into the background. Instead it makes use of the Nethack “checkpointing” system to create a save every time the app loses focus. If you close the app entirely, it will create a regular save. This means you can now fairly safely exit the app when in the middle of a menu. For example: you are granted a wish and want to know what to wish for.. You can leave the app (don’t close it entirely!), go to the Nethack wiki, and come back and wish for a “cursed rusty -3 dagger” or whatever you please. Because of this change, remember to completely closed iNethack2 if you are changing any of the settings in the settings page for them to take effect.
  • Double Tap can be disabled by sliding the Double Tap Sensitivity to zero (far left). Before it acted the same as if you set it to maximum sensitivity.
  • Tweaked some colors for certain menus such as the #Enhance menu so its more readable.
  • If you had predictive-text enabled on your phone, it will no longer show suggested words in the keyboard, which was almost never useful for Nethack.
  • New app icon. The @ is blue now. Why not?


  • Throwing and other actions were missing the prompt at the top of the inventory screen (because the text was black on black..), this is fixed
  • If you tried to throw without having any weapons in your inventory, you weren’t given the “* More” option, meaning you couldn’t throw food at your pet. This is fixed! This affected other types of actions as well.

Note: Saved games from the previous version (based on Nethack 3.4.3) will NOT work with this version. Sorry! If you have a good game going you may want to hurry up and die/ascend before upgrading.

Nethack 3.7
What about 3.7 you say? Well the plan is that once the 3.7 is no longer in beta, then I will update iNethack2 to have the 3.7 core code. Hopefully going forward this isn’t too difficult to maintain.

I have some plans to the iNethack2 code other than core updates as well.
Wishlist includes:

  • Keyboard support
  • IBMGraphics mode (those nice smooth extended-ascii walls from my youth)
  • Other things to make the UI nicer..

Please enjoy and let me know if you find any terrible bugs or anything like that. Thanks!

iOS 15 Crash with iNethack2

There is an issue caused by iOS 15 which is causing iNethack2 to crash when using the direction picker (such as when throwing something or zapping a wand, etc).

Working on a fix now. Already have it fixed, in fact, and fixed a couple of other minor things I noticed too. Should have it submitted to the app store soon. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks to those who reported this to me.


iPhone X

The last update to iNethack2 is unfortunately messed up on the iPhone X. The status text appears under that nasty notch.

There is a fix in the works which is just going through testing now. Will release it as soon as it is approved! Sorry for the trouble. It should still work in landscape, but even then the top corner curve is obscuring the text.

Damn fancy new phone. The X is clearly a Xorn.

iNethack2 2.0.6: New Dawnhack, Travel option

It's been awhile, so I figured I should do at least a small update to the game. New version just released has the following two additions:

  • New version of the popular DawnHack tileset (created by the talented DragonDePlantino), labelled as "DawnHack (New)". This version has crisper tiles, some tile corrections, and removes the tiles that show you what certain gems/stones/etc are (which would normally not be identifiable via the tile). 
  • Travel setting: if you don't like the "travel" feature of Nethack where the game will use pathfinding to walk to a space you tap on (when the screen is scrolled off of your character), then you can now disable it

Both these new settings are in the settings page as usual (iOS Settings App -> Scroll down to iNethack2).

In other news I have been checking out the Nethack 3.6.0 course code, trying to see the effort in upgrading the core code of iNethack2 to use the latest Nethack source. Not real timelines on that yet but I am definitely going to try integrating the new core code and see what issues (if any) there are with the iNethack2 code.

Also if anyone is experiencing crashes, do let me know and any info about what was happening in the game at the time would help track them down. I haven't had much luck causing crashes on purpose so I haven't been able to fix anything so far.

Again thanks for playing!

iNethack2 2.0.5: Hearse, Pickup Thrown, Bugfix

It's been awhile but iNethack2 is still alive and well and now it has a few fixes and a minor new feature.

First, Hearse stopped working awhile back with a change to iOS related to accessing external sites without HTTPS. So you might have noticed that bones files were no longer downloading. This is fixed now.

Next was a bug where the onscreen keyboard sometimes wouldn't dismiss when a dialog window opened. This is fixed too. Nobody seemed to notice this one somehow.. maybe it was just me?

Lastly I have integrated the "pickup_thrown" patch, available in the settings screen as Autopickup Thrown (as seen the the screenshot). Use it in tandem with Autopickup, and you will automatically pickup anything you throw! Makes it a bit less annoying to use missile weapons.

Lastly lastly, no 3.6.0 yet. I'm not sure how much work that will take without diving into it. 

Thanks to everyone who found these issues and offered suggestions!


iNethack2 2.0.2: ASCII, Boulders, Bugfix

A new update for iNethack2 is now available in the App Store.

There was a bug introduced by iOS9 which made it so you couldn't scroll the log window (unless you changed the screen orientation). That has been fixed.

While I was in the code, I went and added a couple things for you hardcore ASCII players. 

There is a new setting in the settings screen to set the boulder symbol. This was an option in regular Nethack from the config settings, so I've basically added it to the app settings screen. No more annoying ` symbols on Sokoban! Go ahead and make it a 0 (zero) and lessen the strain on your eyes.

Speaking of strain on your eyes, I also went and added "ASCII (monochrome)" which is the ASCII "tileset" in all grey, just like the old days. Enjoy if you dare.

The last thing I did was add some text to the Manual screen that explains how to change common settings (like Boulders) since most people don't think to look in the Settings app. Probably no one ever reads the Manual page either, but there you go.



iNethack2: Changing Tilesets

So far the most common FAQ about iNethack2 is: how do I change the tileset?

Here's how:

  • Exit iNethack2
  • Go to the Settings app on your Apple device
  • Scroll down through the list of your apps and pick iNethack2
  • You can change the tileset here, as well as your player's name, Hearse settings, and many other things

There you go! Enjoy the different tilesets. Abigaba Chozo B (the default) has always been my favorite, but I've been playing with DawnHack a lot lately and it really gives the game a different feel. When I want to relive the days of playing Nethack in High School computer class in Windows, I'll switch to Tiles32.

Or if I want to relive playing the original game on my PC in Junior High, ASCII it is.




iNethack2 Available In App Store

iNethack2 is now available for free in the App Store. Go get it!

Huge thanks to everyone who beta tested and assisted with some of the coding issues early on. And of course hugest thanks to Dirk Zimmermann who wrote iNethack in the first place and was cool with my releasing it back into the App Store as iNethack2.

Special thanks to Alexis who helped me figure out how to get Hearse support working with 64-bit mode. That was a trip.

I threw together a little info page as well.

Happy hacking!

Download on the App Store